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Period poverty is a global pandemic that has been given inadequate attention and is currently without practicable solutions with long-term sustainability.

With the reality  of 30% of school going girls in South Africa and 10%  globally,  being subjected to missing school due to no access to menstrual health products and safe sanitation,  the Mokome Foundation drives  initiatives aimed at fighting period poverty from grass root level in Southern Africa, Africa and the world at large.

The Mokome Foundation seeks to be the arm that reaches  low-income women and girls faced with the misfortune of not affording menstrual products.

Through various charitable programs, educational drives, awareness campaigns and mentorship initiatives delivered at schools, clinics and community outreaches, we aim to bridge the economic vulnerability and inequality that menstruators face.

The Mokome Foundation is both a Non-Profit organisation, that is registered with the Department of Social Development and a Non-Profit Company registered with CIPC.


Our Vision

To restore the period dignity of a menstruator by creating platforms of accessibility to educational and quality hygienic sanitary solutions and products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and assist the previously disadvantaged girl child and woman.
To speak out against period stigma and shaming.
To advocate against gender inequality related to the lack of access to sanitary products.
To educate and empower the girl child about safe menstrual hygiene.
What We Do

Create A Better Future

Education For Child

Offering educational support to our beneficiaries

Health Education

Health, hygiene, self-care and medical support

Safe Our Girls

Helping girls with sanitary product and Education

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How do i donate sanitary product ?
You can drop them at our Sanitary Stations around our townships school or contact our team of angels to receive the donation.
Can I donate money?
You can choose a cause closed to your heart on our campaigns and donate via EFT or Online. Your generous donations will go a long way helping our beneficiaries.
Can I become a Volunteer?
Join our group of individual volunteers to help us change and make a life of others better
Become the change

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